Desa Kendran Tegalalang,
Ubud, Bali, Indonesia



Denpasar, the tourist hub and transport centre of Bali, welcome tourists and travellers from across the globe to experience the diversity and cultural richness of the beach city during The “Denpasar Festival”. 
With an array of events, exhibitions, seminars, talk shows, and art and cultural entertainment, the Denpasar Festival introduces visitors into the authentic land of the North Market; Denpasar. 

Catch The Festival – 2019 Dates

28th to 31st December 2019 

Visit The North Market – Venue

The main venue of the Denpasar Festival is spread across “KM 0 Denpasar” or “Kilometer Zero Point Denpasar”, located at Dauh Puri Kangin, West Denpasar, Denpasar City, Bali. It has been the multicultural zone and a heritage site for many decades now. 

Reaching the Denpasar Festival

Easy commute via cabs and tuk-tuks. You could also rent a bike or a car for convenient transport. 

Prices and Tickets

Entry Fee – IDR 20000 
Souvenir Shopping – IDR 50000 
Food – IDR 50000 to IDR 100000 

Highlights of Denpasar Festival

The Masked Parade marks the highlight of the festival along with other indulging events such as main-stage art and musical performances, photo exhibition and competition, live painting, and traditional art performances. The Denpasar Festival also hosts fashion shows showcasing traditional wears by local designers. 

Several handicraft exhibition stalls, books stores, and art workshops complement as a significant part of Denpasar Festival. 

Art Shopping 
The Denpasar Festival is a great place to pick up artefacts and handmade products such as home decoratives, traditional Balinese masks, fans and idols, incense and apparels by local entrepreneurs. 
Shopping Tip: Bargain as much as you can. 

Culinary Festival 

Another important segment of the Denpasar Festival is the Culinary Festival hosting vast collections of fresh seafood and local delicacies such as Lak-Lak Bali, Lawar, Nasi Campur Bali, and contemporary food such as gelatos and pastries. 
Prices: Maximum IDR 50,000 

Best Time to Visit

After sunset is a great time to visit the Denpasar Festival as the weather mellows down into a mild and breezy atmosphere past sundown.  

Denpasar comes alive during the Denpasar Festival each year and is a perfect excuse to visit the provincial capital. Denpasar overflows with cultural heritage along with a tinge of contemporary lifestyle. Pack your bags to visit the Denpasar Festival and grab an exciting experience of this beach city!


  • Alam Puri

  • Alam Puisi

  • Alam Bidadari

  • Alam Sembuwuk