Desa Kendran Tegalalang,
Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

+62 815-1370-3601

Alam Ubud Villa

Culture, Environment, Residence Villas & Spa

Alam Ubud Villa is nestled secretly within the valley and surrounded by the tropical forest, Alam Ubud Villa is a resort that took more than pure effort to build. Perched atop wooden pillars and hugging the rugged hillsides, these beautiful villas give you stunning panoramic views of the gorgeous green landscape. Alam Ubud Villa forms the new cultural heart of Ubud located in the Village of Tegallalang.

Cherishing and celebrating the rich natural and cultural heritage of Indonesia, every corner of the Alam Ubud Villa is filled with a priceless collection of a museum antiquities dating from the 14th century. A verdant, cultural oasis, Alam Ubud Villas occupies a spacious 2-hectare site on the banks of the sacred Petanu River affording breathtaking jungle river views.

  • Alam Puri

  • Alam Puisi

  • Alam Bidadari

  • Alam Sembuwuk

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